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silver pocket watch caseThe only way to be absolutely sure of the type metal used in a railroad watch case is to take it to a reputable jeweler and have it tested. This makes sense for gold cases, as the difference in the amount and type of gold can make hundreds of dollars difference in its value. But not for silver railroad watches, as the testing fees will most likely exceed the value of the silver content of the case. Although the price of silver is not anywhere near that of gold, it's still a very common metal to railroad watches. And, if your railroad watch case is silver-colored, it would be nice to know if it is real, or just an impostor.

During the heyday of railroad watches cases were usually marked in such a way that you should be able to figure it out, if you know a few simple points.

1) High quality silver railroad watch cases were often marked "Sterling". This indicates your case is high grade silver - 0.925 pure.

silver railroad watch marks2) Many railroad watch cases were marked "Coin Silver". These cases are still silver, but of a lesser grade than sterling. In U.S. watches it means 90% pure silver, whereas in European watches it usually means 80%.

3) Occasionally decimal numbers alone were used to represent the purity of a case. So if you see numbers such as "0.800", "0.925" or "0.935" stamped of engraved into the case it is probably silver.

4) Silver-plating was also used on railroad watch cases. These are usually marked with "electroplate" or "plated". The amount of silver on these cases is only 5 to 20 microns thick, making the case 5% silver or less.

Not only were there several of types of silver, but there was some companies that purposely used misleading trade names for their non-silver cases. If you see "Silverine", "Silveroid", "Silveride" and "Oresilver" on your case - it is a silver colored alloy that contains no silver.

silver watch case imposters

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