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  • About Railroad Watches
    A site designed to assist dedicated collectors in locating and acquiring desirable high quality railroad watches.
  • Why RR are Obsessed with Time
    The railroad system's "The General Railroads Timepiece Standards", outline timepiece guidelines.
  • Is it a Railroad Watch?
    Prior to 1893 there was no definitions or standards for a railroad watch.
  • Railroad Watch Standards
    Just what are the standards that separate a railroad watch from all others?
  • Get on the Ball
    By 1908 the Ball Watch Co. was furnishing high grade pocket watches to over 100 different railroad companies.
  • The Main RR Watch Manufacturers
    Many railroad watches from the early 1900s are still running today. Here are some of the manufacturers of those timepieces.
  • What's it Worth?
    Does your railroad watch have any value? Here is a way to quickly find out how much it is worth.
  • Investment or Hobby?
    Craftsmanship, allure, rarity, and skyrocketing investment values make railroad watches great collectibles.
  • Grade Determines Value
    Generally accepted grading guidelines used by collectors and dealers in the railroad watches field.
  • Railroad Watch Jewels
    Jewels on a railroad watch are the tiny red or pink dots on the bridge and pillar plate.
  • Value of Gold Cases
    How much does the price of gold effect the value of a gold railroad watch case?
  • About Silver Cases
    If your railroad watch case is silver-colored, it's nice to know if it is real silver, or just an impostor.
  • 10 Most Wanted
    Here is a list of the ten most wanted railroad watches collectors would like to own.
  • Pocket Watch Fashion
    The early pocket watch was more of a fashion statement than it was a time keeping device.
  • Build Your Library
    Lack of information can be a serious problem when searching for a railroad pocket watch to add to a collection.
  • A Fortune in Your Attic?
    Your attic, garage or basement could be your ticket to a fortune in cold, hard cash.
  • Privacy Policy & Contact
    Privacy policy and contact information for this site.

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  • Railroad Watches Auctions
    Investing in Railroad Watches is truly hot today. Here are some discount Auctions for collectors.
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    Railroad watch parts and accessories for sale.
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    Books and Price Guides for sale on railroad pocket watches.